Monday, September 11, 2006

A report in Haaretz quotes an IDF rocket artillery officer on Israel's use of cluster bombs in the war with Hezbollah: "We carpeted entire villages with cluster bombs. What we did was crazy and monsterous." The officer also cited his commander as saying that during the war IDF shot over 1800 multiple rockets containing 1.2 million cluster bombs. IDF used these weapons, despite their being highly inaccurate. They are frequently classified as non-discriminating weapons whose use is outlawed in civilian areas. Perhaps as many as 40%, of the shells failed to explode and consequently became anti-personnel mines that litter southern Lebanon. Since the end of the war, twelve Lebanese civilians have been killed when they stepped on or handled one.

Israel's cluster bombs include American-made ones, for which Israel requested expedited delivery during the war. The US Department of State announced a week ago that it was investigating Israel's use of such bombs during the war. Although IDF spokespeople maintain that the bombs are acceptable under international law, a secret agreement with the United States restricts Israel's use of them.

Gunners in the armor corps have reported that IDF also fired phosphorous shells, which, according to many experts, are outlawed by international treaties


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