Sunday, September 03, 2006

The odds worsened today for the political survival of Israel PM Ehud Olmert. State comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss called for a criminal investigation of Olmert over suspicions regarding political appointments by Olment, when he was Minister for Industry, Trade and Employment. Specifically, the comptroller submitted a report to the State's Attorney that alleges that Olmert used improper processes to give members of his political party jobs for which they were unqualified. These are essentially the same type of charges for which Tsahi Hanegbi, the former Minister for the Environment now awaits trial. Leadership in Israel is rather baleful these days, with the figurehead President an alleged rapist, the Prime Minister allegedly corrupt, the Chief of Staff an alleged war criminal and the Defense Minister more than allegedly incompetent. It's enough to drive honest folks into the street to demand "off with their heads." In another sign of the grim political situation, Speaker of the Knesset and member of Olmert's party Dalia Itzik asked the right wing parties and the small Zionist leftwing Meretz to join the government in forming an emergency national coalition government. Predictably, all refused. They prefer to the see the government collapse on its own rather than be associated with it. This strategy will better serve them in the next elections, which Likud officials believe could come as early as next spring.


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