Monday, August 14, 2006

Storm Warning

Results of a poll published in Israel today show Israel's generally disapprove of their leaders and the results of the war. These results sharply contrast with those of last week and indicate political turbulence ahead for Israel. 52% believe that IDF was unsuccessful in its Lebanon offensive, and 58% believe Israel achieved few if any of its objectives.
62% and 65% disapproved of Olemert's and Peretz's respective handling of the war. Only 49% gave Chief of Staff Halutz a passing grade, while 44% failed him. This is unprecedentedly low approval for a Chief of Staff.

If elections held today Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s Kadima party would receive less than 20 mandates (as opposed to the 29 it received in the March elections), while Defense Minister Amir Peretz’s Labor party would receive only 12 mandates (as opposed to the 19 it obtained in the recent elections). 60% of those who voted for these parties in March report they are now undecided.

Only 6% believe the cease fire agreement is good for Israel, 38% believe it is not good, but the best that could be obtained under the circumstances. 50% believe it is not good and Israel could have gotten a better agreement.


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