Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bush or was it Rice Tells Israel to Stop the Shit

Israel has agreed to suspend its aerial bombardment of southern Lebanon for 48 hours, effective immediately, to allow for an investigation into Sunday's bombing that killed 54 civilians, a U.S. State Department official said early Monday.

Both The New York Times and LA Times emphasize Rice's insistence and Israeli leaders adament resistence on this concession, during several hours of conversations after the news of the bombing. Apparently Olmert and Peretz cannot accept how badly they blew it. Maybe someone should tell them that Rice still remembers the murder of four young girls, including a friend of hers, in the church bombing of Birmingham Sunday (September 15, 1963).

There is no indication that Bush called in. According to the Washington Post, he and his White House advisors still dream on of a New Middle East arising from the ashes of Lebanon.


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